Lisa Hromada, Personal Branding Strategist, Designer & Marketing Mentor
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Creating clear, authentic and marketable brands

Lisa Hromada
Branding Strategist & Graphic Designer

Proven success processes and design to propel entrepreneurial and organizational brands to gain a competitive advantage.

Branding Expert
An accomplished branding expert, Lisa Hromada partners with service centered professionals and organizations to create authentic and marketable brands that make an instant, clear and compelling impact. Through her simple and streamlined 3-phase brand development approach, Lisa helps professionals transform 'that thing they do' into their own unique brand that quickly and authentically connects with their audience.

With over a decade of experience, Lisa specializes in creating and developing compelling and custom brand development and graphic design solutions designed to accelerate success, enhance reputation, and give the confidence professionals need to attract lucrative clients and partnerships.

As an award-winning graphic designer, Lisa brings the art of visual communication to life for clients, with practical, creative solutions that clearly express the mission, purpose, values and unique voice of their business. Through a variety of thoughtful visual design materials, including logos, brochures, postcards, handouts, websites and online graphics and promotional materials for various purposes, Lisa creatively tells the story of a business with a clear, compelling visual message that will increase the awareness of their services and products.

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With an enthusiastic, insightful and inspiring approach, Lisa has spoken to groups of entrepreneurs and organization professionals on topics including personal branding, entrepreneurial business development, marketing, and branding for and within organizations. With clear expression and encouragement, they are guided to feel self-empowered, confident in how to move forward, and most importantly, they come away with the knowledge that they can do, be and have their ideal success.

Professional Leadership
In addition to her branding and design work, Lisa has personally mentored women across the U.S. in private virtual training days and in three and six-month programs, helping them uncover the challenges hindering the growth of their business and giving them the support, accountability, and personalized guidance for quick, powerful and lasting results. Through her years of corporate and entrepreneurial work, she has developed powerful systems and strategic methods to assist professionals all over the country, from women solopreneurs and women's groups to nonprofits to corporate professionals looking to start their own practice.

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I use my creativity and passion for branding and design to help individuals and organizations tap into and market their unique promise of value and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


  • Personal Branding
  • Corporate Branding
  • Organization Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design for Print
  • Website and Online Graphic Design

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